Meet your Facilitators

Penny Lee Prevost

Penny Lee began her journey as a GradUit in 2009 where she gathered a group of business people looking to make a positive change in their lives at what was then called New Year New You weekend seminar lead by her mentor Melanie Hayden-Sparks.

Through continuous ReSolutions encounters with like-minded individuals her passion became more and more clear at each occasion: “to help people realize their full potential, unlocking their hidden abilities through the “4 C’s of Success” strategy”. She has not only mentored many entrepreneurs to success in business over her 25 year career in sales & marketing, she has also found that the same success principles have led to phenomenal results in their personal lives as well.

It was through the ongoing monthly GradUit Cornerstones mastermind that she came to realize that she had been procrastinating around her own physical well being (one of the 4 Cornerstones) that was holding her back from reaching her full potential. In July of 2015 she finally gave in to the fact that her vitality was decreasing and it was time to take action on one of the key questions we review regularly. “What makes you happy?” Her answer was always….DANCING! However, that little voice in her head kept telling her “I am too old to be a dance instructor and too out of shape to consider being a fitness instructor”. With the support of our mastermind, she quickly embarked upon the opportunity to become a Nia fitness dance instructor.  At nearly 50 years old in order to regain her own vitality has led to a passion to share with others this mind, body, spirit connection that the Nia Technique practice offers.

Today, working in partnership with Co-Founder of GradUit Thrivers Inc., Liz M Raymond; they bring the practice of self-reflection, reframing and planning the actions steps to create strategies for satisfied individuals like themselves that simply want more balance from life, with clarity, focus, ease and grace. Enjoy the Nia dance practice at this years Me WAY Retreat.

Liz M Raymond

It was 2009 when Liz participated in her first New Year New You weekend seminar.  A single mom of two angry young boys who had ended her second failed relationship along with a 2nd backruptcy and feeling like she was barely surviving what she felt life was throwing at her, Liz was hungry for change.  After a dreamboard workshop led by Penny Lee opened a window of opportunity, she knew in her heart this weekend was her chance at change.  She often chuckles now and shares with others how she “found her life in a funeral home”.  2009 not only changed her life in every way imaginable, it change the lives of her children.

Gaining skills, strategies and tools that she continues to use and build on, with the ongoing support of the GradUit community she has reached potentials beyond what she had ever imagined.  Then in 2012 she decided she had to share this with other single parents, if this changed her life she knew it could change others.  So by 2014 she founded an organization that supports single moms and single dads who are working to build better lives for themselves and their children.  Opportunities are endless.

Today, working along side Penny Lee, they are blessed to be able to carry on the work of Melanie Hayden-Sparks.  She is passionate about helping others step into their full potential, personally, professionally and paternally.  As a child she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up, and in many ways she fills that role perfectly.

Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil

Living in Russell Canada, Kristine is the President of Purpose Mastery Scientific Hand Analysis.
Kristine knows what it’s like to feel aimless, depressed, and isolated – even if you’re blessed with a positive attitude, an amazing life and a fantastic career.

As a Scientific Hand Analyst and International Best Selling Author of “Ruby Red Shoes” Kristine draws on her creative gifts, her 25-year background in HR, Administration, Communications, Graphic Design, Energy Healing, and writing to help creative, independent women and professionals tap into their Purpose so they can master their Ultimate Potential in life, relationships, and business.

Kristine credits Scientific Hand Analysis as the main reason why she does what she does…it helped her successfully identify what she was best suited for in life and business. It’s also why she studied it and now uses it to help women zero in on their purpose, potential and winning edge in life, career and relationships.

When she’s not mentoring and supporting women, working on her latest creative project, or volunteering in the community, you’ll find Kristine spending time with her husband and her two children and doing what she loves: singing-song writing, painting in her studio, watching inspiring movies, gardening, reading, travelling and working on projects that inspire her.